DreamScience comes with

20 clinically proven sounds.

The complete track list

*Sounds provided by Dr. Bartel in Yellow



Hawaiian (60 seconds): 

This beautiful Hawaiian ocean surf sound combined with Delta brainwave entrainment provides an effective and calming sound for sleep.


Unwind (90 seconds): 

Synthesizer, light piano melody with small stream in background. Infused with Delta brainwave entrainment.


Tranquility (90 seconds): 

Light piano and Asian instruments with light rain in the background. Infused with Delta brainwave entrainment.


Ocean Surf (60 seconds): 

This beautiful ocean surf sound provides a calm rhythm that helps you relax and fall asleep.


Thunder (90 seconds): 

Relax to the exhilarating yet soothing sound of distant thunder as gentle rain falls upon a remote lake.


Rain (40 seconds): 

A tranquil rainfall provides a familiar and relaxing sound environment that also works great as an alternative “white noise”.


White Noise (10 seconds): 

The steady flow of a cascading waterfall is perfect as a “natural white noise”. Profoundly calming to infants, children and adults, white noise is constantly recommended by doctors and sleep experts for high quality sleep.


Summer (30 seconds): 

A gentle chorus of crickets provides a peaceful and restful environment for rest and sleep.


Stream (20 seconds): 

A rippling mountain stream is relaxing and creates an excellent background sound.


Meditate (60 seconds): 

Experience inner peace and find your calm center with a relaxing synthesizer melody.


White Rain (30 seconds): 

The soothing sound of rain blended with white noise.


Wind (45 seconds): 

The cozy sound of wind and rustling leaves.






Energise (90 seconds): 

Alpha or Beta brainwave enhanced music for a more gentle, effective wake-up.


Dawn Rain (90 seconds): 

An approaching thunderstorm with Alpha or Beta brainwave enhanced music for a more gentle, effective wake-up.


Revitalise (90 seconds): 

Alpha or Beta brainwave enhanced music for a more gentle, effective wake-up.


Aurora (90 seconds): 

Small stream, birds and wake up music enhanced with Alpha or Beta brainwaves.


Jungle (46 seconds): 

Peaceful song birds from a secluded forest provide a relaxing and delightful sound environment.


Wind (45 seconds):

The cozy sound of wind and rustling leaves.

Fulfilling Sleep

Quality sleep through sonic science

DreamScience envelops you in a calming buffer of sound programmed and clinically proven to help you gently fall asleep, stay asleep, and reach deeper, more restful levels of sleep.


Refreshed Morning

The secret of daytime functioning

Sleep quality has great impact on your quality of life and how well you function throughout the day. The technologies utilised by DreamScience let you reset your sleep routine, helping to reduce stress, restore energy and improve your focus.



Brainwave Embedded Sounds, compiled by Dr. Lee Bartel, are clinically proven to cue specific brainwaves depending on the sounds and sequences used. Sound cues can:

Stimulate the mind's wakeful beta waves to rouse the listener from sleep

Induce relaxed alpha waves for a feeling of meditative calm

Lead the mind into a more restful sleep by activating the delta waves associated with deep and healing sleep


Patented Sleep Enhancement Technology   creates a therapeutic state of relaxation by providing the listener with soothing ambient sounds that gradually reduce in volume and slow in rhythm – a method scientifically proven to calm the body and mind.


Includes Clinically Proven

Brainwave Embedded Sounds

composed by Dr Lee Bartel, Ph. D.


Associate Dean of Research, Professor of Music Education and Music and Health, and Founding and Acting Director of the Music and Health Research Collaboratory (MaHRC) at University of Toronto. His involvement in researcth in music and medicine includes rehabilitation of attention deficits, audiology and stress management.

20 clinically proven sound.

Creating a peaceful harmony.

Sleep Sounds (composed by Dr. Bartel) :

Wake-up Sounds (composed by Dr. Bartel) :





Dawn Rain




  • Produces sounds clinically proven by world   renowned doctors to be therapeutic
  • Patented Sleep Enhancement® Technology lulls you to sleep by gradually slowing the rhythm of playback
  • Includes 20 authentic high fidelity soundscapes
  • Backlight consists of 6-colour mood lights
  • LCD display for time and sound track indication
  • Includes line-in for use with other audio devices
  • Powered by AA batteries or 5V AC/DC adaptor
  • Alarm clock
  • Timer for continuous play, 30, 60, or 90–minute playback


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